• Accountancy and Bookkeeping
  • VAT Returns
  • Management Accounts
  • Personal Tax
  • Corporate Tax
  • Bureau Payroll Services
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Company Statutory Work
  • Tax Investigations
  • Fee Protection
  • Business Acquisition and Disposal Advice
  • Retirement planning
  • Audit and Compliance issues
  • Corporate Finance

Managements Accounts

  • Professional service to help you plan your business and make decisions about key areas such as margins and stock.
  • Personal advise available to help you improve your profits and help the business grow.
  • We can help you measure different elements of your business.
  • Bespoke, personal consultation regardless of size or profit.
  • Prepared at intervals to suit your needs, e.g. monthly, quarterly, and yearly.
  • Reports produced to analyse recent performance and to include business forecast which will help with budgeting.


Companies of all sizes find the administration of payroll a time consuming burden, made all the more complex by the growing amount of taxation and legislation.

We can relieve this burden with a comprehensive and confidential payroll service which includes:

  • Administration of PAYE, National Insurance, Statuatory Sick Pay, Statuatory Maternity Pay
  • Weekly, monthly or quarterly payroll processing to suit your needs including payslips and payroll summaries, as well as PAYE / NI remittance information
  • Completion of forms, including year end returns, for issue to your employees and the Inland Revenue
  • Administration of company pension schemes
  • Administration of bonuses, incentive schemes etc.
  • Easy access by phone to your Armstrongs payroll account manager


Do you keep a regular check on your business expenditure and income with management accounts? Regular information on profit margins and expenditure will help you make financial decisions and provides a useful summary of progress made during the year. It can also be a useful summary of progress made during the year. It can also be an essential part of keeping a good relationship with your bank.

We can offer you a full range of bookkeeping services to help you monitor your business, including:

  • Regular analysis of profit margins and expenditure
  • Preparation of bank reconciliations
  • Help with VAT returns and other forms
  • Sage software accounting support and training

Company Statutory Work

Our experienced and professional team can guide you through and take some of the burden in the early stages of developing your company:

  • Completion of registers.
  • Advice on becoming an incorporated company.
  • Help carry out initial statutory work, filing necessary documents with Companies House and overlook all paperwork including minutes of meetings, limited company forms etc.
  • Advise on authorised capital share
  • Supply and control of all correspondence and administration including all memorandum and Articles of Association.

Tax Investigations

Being subject to a Tax Investigation is a worrying and stressful time. We can offer expert support and advice throughout this process. Here at Armstrong’s we can:

  • Offer our experience in dealing with HMRC investigations across the board including individual Tax Return disputes or employer related investigations.
  • We can take control at the earliest stage and keep you informed of every step.
  • Confidential and compassionate consultations tailored to your needs.

Fee Protection

  • Protect you and your business from unexpected costs of professional fees in the event of an inspection by the Inland Revenue.
  • Our protection covers many aspects of investigations including HM Revenue and Customs VAT disputes, Employer Compliance disputes, self assessment enquiries etc, all at a competitive rate.

Business Acquisition and Disposal Advice

Help and support available throughout every stage of your professional journey including:

  • Assisting with finding suitable potential acquisition with the aim of saving costs, assessing value and identifying synergies.
  • Advise on heads of terms and purchase agreements whilst evaluating and obtaining suitable finance.
  • Understanding that you will want to maximise the return investment by selling at peak market valuation.
  • Planning and preparing your business for sale and identifying potential purchasers.
  • Tax planning to minimise overall tax payable
  • Help and advise in investing the proceeds

Retirement Planning

As you approach this exciting time we can offer comprehensive advice regarding pensions and financial affairs including:

  • Impartial advice on pensions and annuity options.
  • Guidance with generating income from your capital.
  • Estate planning and advice on retirement income strategies.
  • Tailored personal advice on all areas of your retirement plan.
  • Information and recommendations on existing retirement plans.

Audit and Compliance Issues

  • Advice for business large or small giving an insight into the marketplace that your business operates in.
  • We can keep you up to date with relevant financial reporting, legislations and technical changes.
  • Appropriate advice to maximise the potential of your business.

Corporate Finance

  • Help with maintaining a balance between positive cash flow and adequate working capital.
  • Analysis of director’s drawings, shareholder dividends, debt repayment etc to ensure smooth running of your business.
  • Help with preparing business plans, finance applications and identifying and approaching appropriate lending sources.

Corporate Tax Planning – Corporation Tax

  • Making maximum use of claims for expenses to reduce the tax liability
  • Consideration of income timing instances to defer tax on income which could fall into a later period
  • Accurately analyse the tax circumstances and give forewarning of future tax liabilities
  • Consideration of implications of group arrangements or associated company situations and explain the advantages and disadvantages to such arrangements
  • Investigations into the cross tax effect on decisions to minimise total Tax and NI costs.
  • Maximising the claims for Capital Allowances, Industrial Buildings Allowances, Agricutural Buildings Allowances etc. – Back dating claims as needed

Capital Gains Tax

  • Planning for future Tax on deposits to minimise costs
  • Retirement Planning
  • Business and Investment disposal advice to reduce Capital Gains Tax
  • We explore and minimise the cross relationship of the Capital Gain on income situations and also on inheritance tax implications
  • We can arrange asset holding restructuring to reduce future tax liability
  • In large gain situations we can advise on the implications of using
  • We can explain the effect and use of enterprise zones to minimise tax
  • Utilisation of E.I.S. to defer Capital Gains Tax and claim back basic rate Tax Relief.
  • Maximise use of all Losses to be claimed
  • Claiming all reliefs available on spouces to minimise tax effect.

Personal Tax Planning

  • Maximising all tax and expense claims to minimise tax liabilities
  • Minimise National Insurance Liabilities of Combined employers and employees costs
  • Investigations into the advantages / disadvantages of accounting period end dates
  • Identification of cross tax / NI effect on decisions made to eliminate or minimise costs.
  • Care for detail and accuracy to reduce risks of Tax Investigations
  • Predict future tax exposures accurately and plan ahead
  • Use of family tax allowances and rates bands to reduce liabilities
  • Use of trust in certain circumstances
  • We calculate for me tax Liabilities to enable cash flow demands to be known. We can recalculate on a “what if” basis.
  • We can deal with Specialist Tax matters as they arise
  • We are very effective in dealing with tax investigations and settlements to negotiate and reduce 2 liabilities in different circumstances
  • Residency / non residency situations
  • Utilisation of Tax Losses to offset against future or past tax liabilities

Inheritance Tax Planning

  • We can plan with you your wishes and identify the more tax effective way of satisfying your wishes
  • We can liase with your solicitors over your wishes / will etc. to reduce exposure
  • Inheritance Tax planning is long term tax planning which requires updating as family circumstances change, we therefore review arrangements previously made
  • We maximise allowances and time restrictions to enable tax reductions and make good use of opportunities available
  • We can advise on the benefits or detrimental effects of decision making for the future.

Personal Tax Planning – Income Tax

  • Personal and family tax issues, including income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax
  • Personal annual Tax and Self Assessment Returns
  • Trusts and Estates planning
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